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Erina Cosgrove-Pompetti

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Experience and training

Erina has training in various types of yoga, including Hatha, Iyengar, Naada, and Nidra Yoga. As needed, she incorporates trauma-informed yoga into her teaching, an approach that considers a deep understanding of various traumas, as well as perinatal yoga, specifically designed for pregnant women.

Erina Cosgrove-Pompetti

"Yoga has truly changed my life; I share to help others."
- Erina Cosgrove-Pompetti

A few words about Erina Cosgrove-Pompetti

For Erina, yoga goes hand in hand with a journey towards holistic health. She suggests paying special attention to what one consumes in daily life (both in terms of food and thoughts) and truly taking the time to know oneself better to better understand our true needs.

Pedagogical approach

For Erina, Yoga is a clear life path that has had undeniable benefits for her. That's why she passionately teaches this tool, which, when used correctly, she believes can help each person 'find their light.'

This fundamental mindset guides her teaching, where she demonstrates great compassion—an attitude we could all benefit from towards ourselves and our bodies. She also incorporates creativity into her approach to better respond to the present moment. Therefore, she offers instruction informed both by her in-depth knowledge of yoga and the immediate needs of each individual.

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