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First Yoga Class

Before your visit

If this is your first experience with yoga, we recommend avoiding classes like 'Flow,' 'Flow Yin,' and 'Power Flow' until you become familiar with the basic poses. As the pace of these classes is more intense, it's more enjoyable to participate after experiencing a few sessions at a slower pace, such as 'Hatha,' 'Slow Flow,' and 'Yin.' Note that it is by no means forbidden to attend other classes, but simply recommended to get acquainted with the slower pace to avoid feeling discouraged. Also, don't be mistaken; slow does not mean without effort, quite the opposite!

To book your class, you can proceed in several ways described below in order of effectiveness:

Through the mobile app

Through the website

the website is also highly effective for managing your registrations. We particularly recommend it if you want to gather maximum information about our service offerings. Once you know what you want, the mobile app is unbeatable in terms of efficiency.

Via the online chat

We've integrated artificial intelligence into the online chat, and the result is truly impressive... If you can speak English, our robot is trained enough to allow you to manage your reservations from A to Z, and it does so much faster and interactively than a human, in addition to being available 24/7 to answer your questions. Be surprised and feel free to ask it all your questions; it can sell you subscriptions, answer frequently asked questions, and much more.

By phone - (514) 546-6565

It is possible to book by phone, but this service is available during limited hours (8:00 AM to 9:00 PM), and we cannot guarantee a systematic response. If you don't get an answer, you can leave a voicemail or, even better, you can respond to the SMS you will receive automatically by triggering the voicemail. Our robot can handle the vast majority of your requests if you speak to it in English, and if it can't, it will transfer you to one of the reception members who will assist you as soon as they are available.

Although it is possible to attend a class without a reservation, it is strongly recommended, especially on your first visit. This allows you to:

  • Ensure that there is a free spot when you arrive. If all spots are reserved, unfortunately, you won't be able to participate as we need to prioritize access for those who have taken the time to reserve.
  • Familiarize yourself with our admission form and fill it out before your first class. If you haven't done it at home, you will need to complete it once on-site, or else we won't be able to let you into the class.
  • Reduce the administrative burden on the center while promoting your autonomy. We have implemented state-of-the-art systems to provide you with a flawless user experience.

We request at least 2 hours' notice for cancellations. We provide three free chances per year, after which late cancellations and no-shows will be automatically deducted from your single-session packages or charged to your credit card, whether you are subscribed or not.

We are located at 4146 Sainte-Catherine East, at the corner of Pie IX Street in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood. If you are coming by car, enter the address into your GPS or click on the Google Maps link for directions. For information regarding street parking, refer to this image to see areas with free parking, metered parking, and restrictions. If you are using public transportation, Pie IX metro station is the nearest metro station. Take the Pie IX bus (139 south) to Sainte-Catherine Street. Click on this link for STM directions.

We ask new students to arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the class to allow time for settling in and getting comfortable in the movement room. Once the door is closed and the class begins, it is unfortunately not allowed to interrupt the class and enter in case of lateness, no matter how valid the reason may be.

Clothing Suitable for Exercise

Bring clothing suitable for exercise; however, you won't need shoes for the practice as it takes place on a mat.

Water Bottle

Bring your water bottle; you can fill it on-site with filtered water or, if you prefer, enjoy one of our freshly brewed Quebec herbal teas.

Modern Lockers

No need to bring a lock for the lockers; our lockers lock with a bracelet that will be provided to you at the reception.

Full Shower Service

You don't need to bring shower towels, soap, shampoo, or conditioner. All of these are included with each of your visits.

Provided Accessories

Accessories such as blocks, straps, and bolsters are provided to all our members, so there's never a need to bring your own during your visits.

Yoga Mat

Bring your yoga mat and a towel if it's not sufficiently non-slip to adequately support hot yoga practice.

No mat ?

You can rent one on-site for $3 per visit or choose our VIP subscription, which includes unlimited mat rentals. You can also purchase one of our BMAT mats in-store, specifically designed for hot yoga.

During the class

When you enter the hot room, we ask you to maintain complete silence at all times, whether it's before, during, or after the class. If you wish to chat with other students, we have designated areas for that purpose.

Only your mat, towel, and water bottle are allowed in the hot room. Mobile devices, smartwatches, carry bags, and any other items are prohibited and must be left in the locker room, unless otherwise authorized by the Club's management.

It is very important to listen to your body and not exceed your limits to avoid injuries. Yoga is a primarily personal practice that promotes connection to the body. It is therefore contrary to the philosophy of this practice to compare oneself to other students in the process. It is not a competition with others or with yourself but truly a moment of self-connection that you give yourself. Go where your body allows, and never hesitate to take a break if you feel the need.

Once the class is over

Even though the class is finished, we allow a minimum of 30 minutes break between the end of one class and the beginning of the next. You can extend the meditation until 15 minutes after the end of the class if you wish. We highly recommend extending this state of deep connection that you have cultivated throughout your practice. This moment is precious and extremely beneficial for your overall health.

You are very welcome to stay on-site, enjoy a cup of tea, and chat with your peers after the class. We have put a lot of attention and effort into creating a spacious environment conducive to socializing, and the idea of building a community centered around well-being is one of the main motivations behind the birth of Club Hippocrate.

With the spirit of coming together and building a community, we have partnered with exceptional visionary chefs to create a restaurant space for you with a menu as delicious as it is good for your health. The menu and flavors change regularly, so we invite you to come and return to experience all the creations from our chefs. Note that it is not necessary to be a member to enjoy this space, just a little hungry, ideally... Click here to learn more about the La Popote Hippo restaurant.

Your experience met your expectations, and you want to continue practicing with us? We offer advantageous promotions on subscriptions for new members. You can subscribe on our website, via our mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play, or directly at the counter after your first class.

If the class did not meet your expectations for any reason, we would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with your feedback by filling out this form. It's a vision of excellence that drives this project, and we are generally very responsive to the suggestions or constructive feedback we receive, as we aim for this center to be and remain a must in the field.

If you still have questions after reading, check the FAQ page where most questions are answered. You will also find our contact information to reach us directly.

Looking forward to having you as part of our wonderful community!

– The Club Hippocrate Management

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