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Éloïse Landry

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Experience and training

Éloïse first trained in traditional Hatha yoga in Rishikesh, India, and later received training in Yin yoga.

She then decided to acquire specific skills to offer a therapeutic approach to yoga in private and corporate settings.

She has been teaching yoga since 2017.

Éloïse Landry

"I have found, through yoga, a way to connect with my body in a way that no other sport allows."
- Éloïse Landry

A few words about Éloïse Landry

Éloïse enters the world of yoga after leaving the realm of classical ballet and contemporary dance. She discovers an ingredient that was missing from sports: a unique, deeper way to connect with her body.

After experiencing that yoga allows for the concrete realization of the proverbial 'a sound mind in a sound body,' the desire to share this benefit is born within her; she then begins her teaching journey.

Throughout her career as a yoga instructor, she discovers a passion for taking care of others and pursues it by delving into acupuncture.

Pedagogical approach

Éloïse places particular importance on respecting alignment and traditional yoga techniques, instilling a certain rigor in this aspect of her teaching.

As it is also crucial in the practice to have fun and the space to try without fear of judgment or failure, a playful side is also present. Occasionally drawing from her dance background, she infuses a sense of joy into certain movements.

Balancing both discipline and flexibility, with extensive experience in private and corporate yoga, Éloïse is able to offer a practice that adapts to the group's energy and abilities.

Whether you are an athlete seeking a challenge or physically limited, anywhere on the spectrum of individual differences, you will be included and guided with as much empathy as you could wish for.

Éloïse recommends never forgetting that nutrition, sleep, and self-listening are aspects of health that are integral to the realms of yoga. She encourages you to maintain a multidisciplinary attitude and cultivate an open mind.

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