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Sophia Trouchkin

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Experience and training

As a massage therapy practitioner, Sophia has developed a profound sensitivity to the subtle language of the body. When in contact with people, she focuses on their specific energies, connecting with them and using them as a guide in her practice


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Sophia Trouchkin

I firmly believe that massage therapy is much more than just a technique. It is an art that is transmitted through energy and intuitive touch. Each individual possesses a unique energy that can be felt and channeled through the practice of massage therapy.
- Sophia Trouchkin

Methods and techniques

Intuitive touch is a crucial concept for Sophia in her approach to massage therapy. Our hands are capable of capturing and conveying subliminal information, thus creating a unique connection. By carefully listening to the body's responses, Sophia is able to intuitively understand the specific needs of each individual, in order to provide them with personalized and tailored care.

Therapeutic approach

For Sophia, energy is also a crucial aspect of her practice. Each person possesses an energy flow that can be harmonized and rebalanced through massage therapy. By channeling her own benevolent energy, Sophia aspires to establish an energetic communion with people, creating an environment conducive to healing and deep relaxation.

Sophia views massage therapy as a delicate art transmitted through energy and intuitive touch. She provides a holistic experience where the body, mind, and soul come together in a harmonious dance. Her ultimate goal is to create a haven of peace where people can revitalize, reconnect with themselves, and restore overall balance.

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