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Romain Rastoin

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Experience and training

Embarking on his journey as a guide in 2017, Romain earned his certification in Co-Active Coaching® in 2019 from one of the world's most prominent and well-established training institutes, the Co-Active Training Institute.

Subsequently, he pursued further training as an integrative and holistic hypnotherapist, obtaining his diploma in 2020.

Since 2014, Romain has been a facilitator in collective intelligence, cultivating a profound understanding of leadership development dynamics in individuals over the years.

Adding to his skill set, Romain became a certified Access Bars® facilitator in June 2023. His diverse expertise enables him to offer a comprehensive approach to personal growth and well-being.


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Romain Rastoin

"Inner balance starts by fortifying our ability to be fully present in the midst of life's circumstances. This empowers us to choose freely and with integrity what we create from the elements of our reality."
- Romain Rastoin

Methods and techniques

Romain specializes in co-active coaching® and integrative holistic hypnosis, enhancing his practice with a diverse set of tools derived from various coaching methodologies, including EFT, NLP, and mindfulness.

His mission is to guide clients in realizing their heartfelt aspirations, conquering fears, and overcoming challenges, all while fostering personal growth and autonomy.

From boosting self-confidence to addressing phobias, managing stress, alleviating anxiety, refining public speaking skills, navigating grief, to supporting smoking cessation, Romain skillfully employs hypnosis to explore and resolve a spectrum of life's themes.

Therapeutic approach

Romain Rastoin embarked on his journey as a guide after personally experiencing powerful and transformative changes in his adult life. Confronting various instances of bullying in his youth, he developed numerous fears that impacted him for over 20 years.

Only several years later, actively engaging in specific meditation and active introspection methods that led to his own liberation, he committed himself to assisting others on a similar path.

Romain possesses the ability to shift his clients' disempowering perspectives, rooted in doubt and judgment, towards a lighter and more positive outlook on life. This transformation unfolds in trust, openness, and kindness.

He will become your ally in your journey to liberation, helping you cultivate a friendship with yourself that will remain a fundamental asset, regardless of life's circumstances.

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