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Mickaël Nowack

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Experience and training

Mickaël has completed numerous training courses in massage techniques (including Californian, Swedish, and lomi-lomi) and is trained in reflexology, fascia therapy, chair massage, and aromatherapy. He also practices oncology massage and metamorphic massage as part of his support for individuals with cancer and terminal illnesses.

His understanding of the human body is enhanced by an awareness of his own body, honed through his practice of Quan Khi Dao (a Vietnamese martial art) and ashtanga-vinyasa yoga (which he also teaches), making him a true expert in body and health.


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Mickaël Nowack

"Optimal health, for me, is disconnected from the notion of performance and judgment. Above all, one must be fair to oneself and appreciate the fact of going at one's own pace to enjoy the journey."
- Mickaël Nowack

Methods and techniques

Mickaël draws from his extensive knowledge to apply the most suitable techniques for your needs. A session with him can include massage therapy, reflexology, fascia therapy, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, and more.

Therapeutic approach

Mickaël Nowack prioritizes gentleness, precision, and fluidity in his approach. He will approach your situation with great care and demonstrate sensational empathy, creating an environment where you can naturally and instinctively express what your body needs.

With his extensive knowledge and versatility as a therapist, Mickaël will read the lines of his intervention in your words and body, tailoring his contribution to your health directly to your unique situation using the most effective methods as needed.

His approach aims to maximize your awareness of your own body to recognize its messages, and his extensive experience ensures that his intervention will naturally follow the direction dictated by your needs.

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