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Mélanie Lefebvre

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Experience and training

Melanie Lefebvre studied the practice of Swedish kinetic massage, as well as deep tissue massage and applied fasciatherapy.

She has been fully dedicated to the therapist profession since 2018.

Continuing her education, she is currently studying osteopathy.


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Mélanie Lefebvre

"There is nothing black or white; the body functions as a whole, and the issue is never the symptom."
- Mélanie Lefebvre

Methods and techniques

In addition to fascia therapy, Swedish massage, and deep tissue massage, Mélanie also uses techniques of cranial and visceral therapy. She is also trained in the use of cupping therapy.

Therapeutic approach

From her passion and curiosity about the functioning of the human physiology, Mélanie developed a keen interest in the moving body, leading her to study contemporary dance at Concordia University.

This immersion in movement evolved into a desire to improve people's lives by facilitating a better body connection, opening the door for her to embark on a path dedicated to transmitting her passion through body therapy.

It is important for everyone, including dancers, to be active, eat well, take care of their mental well-being, and have fun. These ingredients guide Mélanie in her approach, which synthesizes a very attentive awareness, a firm understanding of the mechanics of the body, and a clear perception of the human being as a whole.

Mélanie would like to help you develop your overall body awareness and space. Here's a little tip for your present health: pay special attention to your breathing.

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