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Louise Lafleur

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Experience and training

Louise Lafleur has nearly 20 years of experience as a massage therapist and orthotherapist. In addition, she has been teaching kinesiology for several years at a recognized institution.


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Louise Lafleur

"I am actively working to help you cultivate a body free from tension and enhance your physical well-being by providing advice tailored to your individual circumstances."
- Louise Lafleur

Methods and techniques

Louise possesses a set of techniques focused on therapeutic massage, refined through several years of experience. Her methods include, among others, deep tissue massage, fascial therapy, joint mobilizations, as well as cupping and trigger point therapy.

Therapeutic approach

Louise is passionate about human physiology, and it is not uncommon to find her immersed in her anatomy books, continually deepening her understanding of the human body.

Her passion for health is coupled with a positive attitude toward life. In other words, for her, it's essential to make the most of life, and from this perspective, health is a fundamental ally.

Louise aims to set the record straight so that you can fully grasp the moment and the opportunities around you. She reminds you that staying active can be as simple as taking a walk and stretching regularly. Also, stay tuned, as your body is communicating with you.

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