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Laurence Boisseau

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Experience and training

With a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Laurence brings extensive experience in community intervention and human resources within various SMEs. Certified in NLP by the CQPNL, she has also completed training in energy release and is passionate about storytelling. These skills enrich her coaching approach, enabling her to provide holistic and inspired support.



Coaching icône

Laurence Boisseau

The idea of stepping out of one's comfort zone has always seemed strange to me. Why not instead encourage people to enter their comfort zone, a place where they can simply be themselves?
- Laurence Boisseau

Methods and techniques

Laurence Boisseau, certified coach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) since 2023, specializes in the art of targeted questioning and the use of NLP to facilitate dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. Each session, lasting one hour, is designed to clarify personal and professional goals, while inspiring hope and change.

Therapeutic approach

Passionate about psychology and entrepreneurship, Laurence guides individuals through a process of self-discovery, taking into account their "map of the world" – that is, how they perceive their environment and their life. She encourages you to reveal your qualities and uniqueness in order to achieve your goals and enrich your life.

By combining empathy and expertise, Laurence creates a secure environment where participants feel comfortable to explore and transform themselves. Each session is an invitation to create your own personal laboratory of experience.

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