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Benoit St-Pierre

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Experience and training

Benoit has studied massage therapy, kinesiology, and orthotherapy.

His extensive understanding of the human body allows him to effectively harmonize and balance chronic issues with great efficiency.

He has been passionately practicing as a therapist since 2011.


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Benoit St-Pierre

"I want to help and guide by intervening as little as possible in people's journeys. I aim to respect each person's process with compassion and kindness. Providing possibilities and inspiring change is my goal."
- Benoit St-Pierre

Methods and techniques

Benoit has a particular interest in the nervous system and enjoys using it as a gateway for energy healing, incorporating craniosacral techniques. Drawing on several years of practice, he is now able to offer a unique treatment by connecting these approaches. Anxiety, stress, trauma, and all chronic issues fall within his expertise.

Therapeutic approach

Benoit places a significant emphasis on listening and connection to ensure that his intervention is as relevant and seamless as possible. Therefore, his initial priority will be to provide you with a safe space where he takes up as little space as possible, allowing you to connect with yourself first and foremost.

He will facilitate your own self-listening and connection with your body, cooperating with you to inspire a better recognition of your possibilities for well-being and health.

Encouraging you to access your intuition for self-guidance, from your diet to your movement patterns, Benoit, who practices yoga and climbing himself, aims to help you naturally identify key areas (both physical and mental) that can serve as foundations for robust health and increased well-being.

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