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Benoit St-Pierre

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Experience and training

Benoit St-Pierre has training in massage therapy, kinesitherapy, and orthotherapy. He has been developing his expertise in somatherapy for over 12 years.

He has also completed his training in Compassionate Inquiry®, a method of support created by Gabor Maté.

Today, he offers counseling and personal development coaching services. He also offers registered massage therapist service.


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Benoit St-Pierre

"I want to help and guide by intervening as little as possible in people's journeys. I aim to respect each person's process with compassion and kindness. Providing possibilities and inspiring change is my goal."
- Benoit St-Pierre

Methods and techniques

Benoit primarily utilizes the Compassionate Inquiry® method to assist you in identifying, understanding, and resolving the blocks and traumas you carry.

His techniques may include active listening, movement suggestions, guidance for highly effective introspection, sharing relevant educational materials, and he will apply his knowledge of the nervous system as needed to support you through your self-healing process.

Therapeutic approach

Benoit St-Pierre will guide you back to your body and physical sensations. Acceptance of emotions and experiencing your physical presence are essential factors in understanding the obstacles that prevent you from living authentically.

Since youth, we develop compensatory methods, such as dependencies (whether mild or strong) or inhibitions. Benoit's goal is to empower you in your personal journey and provide you with the necessary tools to navigate your path with the gentle touch of compassion.

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