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Andréane Talbot

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Experience and training

Andréane Talbot completed her acupuncture training in 2021 and has been practicing the profession since then.


Acupuncture icône

Andréane Talbot

"My life philosophy is to take nothing for granted and always keep in mind that behind every human being lies a unique story."
- Andréane Talbot

Methods and techniques

Andréane employs a comprehensive acupuncture toolkit, which may include, depending on your needs: micro-needles, moxibustion sticks, cupping, gua sha, jade roller, and even electrostimulation.

All these tools are used to implement various methods of traditional Chinese medicine. Andréane is also trained in techniques focused on fertility, as well as the health of pregnant women, oncology, and facial acupuncture (aesthetic).

Therapeutic approach

Having worked in the fields of assistance, nutrition, and education at both local and international levels, Andréane continues her journey into traditional Chinese medicine as a continuation of her interest in serving humanity and well-being.

Seeing each of her clients for the rich and unique story they carry, and always staying alert for possible therapeutic refinements, she ensures that she can always respond in an adapted manner to the particular universe that surrounds and is carried by you.

For Andréane, it is essential to develop awareness and responsibility towards oneself, especially regarding nutrition and relationships, to facilitate any healing process.

You will immediately recognize that her kindness and humanism are key elements of her practice.

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