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Agnès Baille-Roy

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Experience and training

Agnès graduated from the Naturopathic Science Education Institute (IESN) in 2019. As a member of the ANAQ, she has been practicing as a Certified Naturopath ND.A. since then.


Naturopathy icône

Agnès Baille-Roy

"A health with solid foundations will be resilient in the face of the ups and downs and daily stresses."
- Agnès Baille-Roy

Methods and techniques

Naturopathy is a health approach based on natural methods. The goal is to prevent, improve, and maintain overall health by working on the balance of lifestyle habits. In general, Agnès will offer you two main things. Firstly, through the naturopathic assessment, she will seek to identify the key issues of your health profile. Here, she is dedicated to simplifying the understanding of your body to help you comprehend its functioning better. Secondly, personalized recommendations will follow. The objective is to gradually make you more responsible and autonomous regarding your health. These recommendations may include dietary advice, personalized lifestyle suggestions, stress management tools, natural supplements, and more, depending on your case.

Therapeutic approach

Agnès emphasizes listening, simplification, and pragmatism in her approach. Since Agnès' goal is to help support the body towards better long-term balance, her recommendations will be consistent with your reality (time, budget, level of commitment, etc.). She aims to provide you (following your health assessment) with both relevant and easily usable tools. You can also rely on her to teach you a lot about your body, equipping you as effectively as possible for sustainable health within your control. The naturopathy practiced by Agnès is not an alternative medicine but rather a complementary and preventive medicine. She will offer clear solutions for concrete issues, either to complement your current approaches to them or to help prevent their occurrence.

We recommend everyone to have a consultation with Agnès Baille-Roy to establish the foundations of lasting health.

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