ethics and rules

of the house

At the Massotrp Clinic, several standards are to be taken into account :

Against general indications

  1. severe hypertension
  2. febrile state
  3. varicose veins or phlebitis
  4. taking antibiotics
  5. virus
  6. infection


Indications for specific type of care offered

  1. Lymphatic drainage: Renal insufficiency, Hyperthyroidism.
  2. Anticellulite treatment: varix (local)
  3. Hot shells: lack of skin sensation.

Code of ethics

We are prohibited from issuing an insurance receipt to the buyer or beneficiary of a gift certificate, or issuing a receipt in the name of another person than the person concerned. Click here to access the entire code of ethics of the RMPQ association.

Prior notice for appointment cancellation

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for the cancellation of an appointment, otherwise half of the expected cost will be charged. If the client doesn’t provide any form of notice and decide to not show at all for its dedicated visit, 100% of the cost will be charged.

Professional responsibility

The cares offered are strictly professional. No inappropriate request will be tolerated, this may be perceived as a lack of respect for the therapist concerned and his profession and may lead to legal charges. In addition, if one of our therapists does not have the necessary resources to solve your problem, he will refer you without hesitation to a most knowledgeable therapist, or directly to another health professional (osteopath, doctor, dietitian , chiropractor, dentist, etc.)

Other services included

All treatments include unlimited alkalizing water and an infusion of herbal tea or high-quality tea from our selection of 30 different possibilities. Our teas and most of our herbs come from  the Enchanthé Salon , a local business very near by where you can drink the best teas while enjoying a warm and relaxing ambiance. No other products are offered in substitution. Please note that our teas and herbal teas are available to buy in store, if ever you wanted to bring those at home!

Hygiene and safety

All our sheets and equipment are cleaned with ecological and COVID-19 approved soaps available at Biothentique, a a local business very near by that specializes in the sale of organic and 100% vegan products.

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