Club Hippocrate is a holistic health and wellness center located in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, Montreal. Originally established in 2015 as a dedicated massage therapy business, Club Hippocrate now offers a multitude of services and has become a prominent presence in the field.


“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” – Hippocrates.

Cultivating and maintaining optimal health is a goal and journey shared by a growing number of individuals. We believe that this need for well-being is a fundamental aspect of the community and that it is up to each individual to cultivate it in their own way. It is by putting this philosophy into action that we have gained the valuable trust of our community for over 8 years.

For this reason, we will continue tirelessly to make efforts and passion to accompany you in the pursuit of a balanced, overall healthy life that is somewhat free from the stresses of modern life. From hot yoga classes to massage therapy, dietetics, and osteopathy (to name a few), we are committed to providing you with as many tools as possible so that your health is in your hands, not just in the hands of our therapists.

The growth of optimal health and the autonomy of individuals in their journey towards it is what we aspire to and wish to contribute to.


Our proposition extends beyond the time you spend in the yoga studio, the treatment room, or the Popote Hippo space where you can enjoy unique and à la carte hypotoxic meals. We aim to offer you an immersive well-being experience that goes beyond the walls of Club Hippocrate and naturally inspires you to promote the best version of yourself at all times and wherever you are. To achieve this, our range of services also includes resources such as coaching, naturopathy consultations, and various workshops. Club Hippocrate is designed to provide you with as many options as possible for your health, including tools that can accompany you outside of your visits. We invite you to visit us in person now, where we will be happy to welcome and meet you.

Meet a dedicated team

Mickaël Nowack

Mickaël Nowack prioritizes gentleness, precision, and fluidity in his approach. He will approach your situation with great tact and demonstrate sensational empathy in order to establish a context where you can naturally and instinctively express what your body needs. With his extensive knowledge and versatility as a therapist, Mickaël will be able to read between the lines of your words and your body, tailoring his intervention to directly target your specific situation using the most effective methods for your case. His approach aims to maximize your awareness of your own body to recognize its messages, and his vast experience ensures that his intervention will naturally follow the direction dictated by your needs.

Agnès Baille-Roy

Agnès emphasizes listening, simplification, and pragmatism in her approach. As Agnès aims to help support the body towards long-term balance, her recommendations will be consistent with your reality (time, budget, level of commitment, etc.). She wants to provide you (following your health assessment) with tools that are both relevant and easily usable. You can also rely on her to teach you a lot about your body, equipping you as best as possible for sustainable health that is in your hands. The naturopathy practiced by Agnès is not an alternative medicine but rather a complementary and preventive medicine. She will offer clear solutions for concrete issues, either to complement your current approaches or to help prevent their occurrence.

Tiffany Archen

Tiffany draws from the extensive technical knowledge of osteopathy and adds what she has learned in her therapeutic specializations surrounding maternity. A treatment from Tiffany may include muscular, visceral, cranial massages, myotensive techniques, fascial tension release, palpation, and gentle joint, functional manipulations, and more.

Michel Venne

Michel Venne emphasizes welcoming, understanding, and collaboration. His attitude will immediately put you at ease, and when you speak to him about your situation, whether physical or otherwise, his active listening will make you recognize that you are in very good hands. You will benefit from his extensive journey to help you become the best possible version of yourself. According to Michel, “it’s not the absence of disease, but maximum energy that allows individuals to fully realize themselves in all areas of life.” What do you wish for yourself, and what are you willing to do to achieve it?

Jeanne Soulières

Passionate about physical activity, Jeanne aims to help her clients optimize their physical well-being in order to promote better overall health. To help the body in a lasting way, she maintains the deep conviction that it is necessary to find the causal factors of a problem presented by her client. Never dissociating the physical and mental bodies, Jeanne listens to the person as a whole.

Audrée Balthazar

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of Yoga, Audrée is interested in the interaction between breathing and movement in problem solving. Massage therapist and hypnologist for several years, she offers you a unique experience of transformation towards more fluidity in the systems that need it.

Benoit St-Pierre

After years of teaching kinesitherapy at the Academy of Scientific Massage, Benoit now devotes himself to the practice of his profession. Trained in massage therapy, kinesitherapy as well as orthotherapy, he handles complex cases with transparency, insight and precision.

Benoit St-Pierre

Adaée Lacoste

Adaée believes that each body carries a different story, therefore, each treatment should be too. She draws from a variety of muscle relaxation and gentle stretching techniques best suited to your needs, including deep tissue massage, trigger points and cupping. Its objective is above all your autonomy by helping you to understand the origin of your physical problems and by offering you advice and exercises to do at home.

Gregory Rivas

Gregory is a kinesitherapist and naturopath completing his studies in osteopathy. His goal is to facilitate the rehabilitation and autonomy of his patients. He focuses on the causes of imbalances in the health and nervous system. 

Louise Lafleur

With 20 years of experience and several years of teaching physiotherapy, Louise is interested in relieving your tensions. Her deep tissue massages, trigger point and suction cup massages reflect her mastery of the human anatomy.

Louise Lafleur
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